Wednesday, June 11, 2008

About Our Program...

The Universidad de San Andrés in Buenos Aires, Argentina, offers a 5-week intensive program in Spanish and Latin American culture to foreign students, June 23 -July 25, 2008. Spanish instruction is at intermediate or advanced level depending on your entering proficiency (the intermediate level requires prior completion of one year of university-level Spanish; the advanced level, two years).

Classes will be held 4 times per week in the mornings with compulsory class attendance. Additional extracurricular activities will be offered during afternoon or evening periods. An optional trip to Iguazú Falls will also be organized. A placement test on the first day of the Program is required for all participants of the Program (non-charged). A welcoming breakfast will be offered on the first day of classes and a closing lunch at the end of the program.

About Buenos Aires and San Andrés University

The rich and vibrant cultural life of Buenos Aires, the "Paris of South America", is integrated into the program through visits to museums and other activities. The university arranges for students to live with Argentinean families in a secure, supportive environment.

San Andrés is a small private liberal arts university that operates at a high international academic standard. The modern campus is beautifully located along the Rio de la Plata in the pleasant Buenos Aires suburb of Victoria. Fast trains run frequently from the campus to the city center. UW Honors faculty have visited the University, and eight UW Honors students have completed the 5-week intensive program in each of the last two years. Honors considers the program an excellent opportunity for our students. Explore it further by visiting the program web site.
(Universidad de San Andrés)

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